Meditation Cancer Healing

History of Cancer

Meditation cancer healing; Cancer is a disease that can develop anywhere in the body and it can be described as an abnormal growth of cells. Cells are the basic body unit and they increase by division. Cancer is a disease that begins when the normal process of the body is interfered by genetic changes and the cells start growing at an uncontrollable rate forming a mass, usually called a tumor. A tumor can either be cancerous; which means that it can grow and spread to other body parts, or can be benign; which means that the tumor grows but does not spread. There are cancer types that do not form a tumor, and others do form a tumor. 

Meditation Cancer Healing
Meditation Cancer Healing

Cancer Analysis

Cancer has become the world’s number one epidemic. People from different parts of the world and of all social classes are becoming victims of this deadly disease, and others are dying of the disease. Yearly, cancer claims over 100 million people across the world. Most countries lack the right equipment for cancer screening. So, when the sick visits hospitals, most doctors give the wrong diagnosis since they do not have the machines for cancer screening and by the time one gets to a hospital that does have the equipment, cancer has already escalated to its final stage, and there is nothing the doctors can do to save that person.

Meditation has been used on patients’ suffering from all sorts of disease.  It has been tried on cancer patients too and has proven to be an encouraging alternative cancer therapy.  It has been proven that meditation helps cancer patients to decrease symptoms of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and improves the immune system of the patient.

Why do people with cancer meditate?

Several cancer centers offer meditation to cancer patients as therapy. People with cancer meditate for any reason, and they include: reduction of worry and stress, relieve them of the pain, to enhance their sleep quality, and make them feel better.

Meditation Cancer Healing
Meditation Cancer Healing

How to meditate for cancer healing                                

In the case of a cancer patient, the session may be a guided one where the doctors or nurses take the patients through the meditation session, which could be in a group or a personal one. It is a practice that is developed over time. Do not expect results the very first day you try meditating.

Most meditations happen in a quiet place, away from any distractions, and when one is in a comfortable position. The doctor or psychologist will encourage you to allow your thoughts to come and go without you pushing them away. He may also direct you to repeat an uplifting mantra that will make you look at life positively and not from a cancer patient’s point of view. He could also ask you to concentrate on an object such as a candle flame or a ringing bell.

It is important to talk to your doctor before getting yourself in meditation so that he can have a clear picture of how to care for you. Meditation has been a safe practice so far, and its side effects are very rare. It is therefore approved for use by cancer patients.

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