Meditation And Its Effect On The Brain

Meditation and its effect on the brain have been under research in the recent past and the results from the study have shown that meditation has numerous benefits on the brain. As we all know that meditation keeps the mind more focused, meditation leads to more mental clarity by lowering the anxiety and stress levels. The brain can highly benefit from meditation especially by using mindfulness meditating techniques.

What Is The Brain

The brain is a very complex part of the body made up of the nerve tissues which are then enclosed by a skull.  Its main function is the processing of sensory data and information together with monitoring of the blood pressure and regulating the breathing process. The last function of the brain in the production of hormones. It is a composition of various parts that have different functions such as cerebrum which is the largest part of the brain and is divided into two halves called the hemispheres.

Meditation And Its Effect On The Brain
Meditation And Its Effect On The Brain

Division of the Brain

Then hemispheres are then subdivided into other smaller parts called the lobes. The lobes have different names and each lobe has a different function like the frontal lobe which is the largest of all the lobes in the brain. It is located in the front part of the brain and its main function is to coordinate high-level behaviors and control emotions. The other part of the brain is the cerebellum which is the opposite of the cerebrum. It is located in the back of the brain and it mostly deals in the coordination of the smaller feet and hands movement.

The research done on the effects of meditation on the brain shown tremendous benefits and below is some of the benefits. The researchers found out that meditation helps in protecting an aging brain. It is found that meditators have a more preserved brain that those who don’t meditate.

Brain preservation is the process of maintaining the brain young. The brain can remain young from mental function and the other changes that come along with age. The preservation is possible through exercising the body, improvement of diet, regulating the sugar levels in the body. Avoiding drug abuse and alcohol helps too. Lastly caring for one’s emotions to avoid stress and protecting the head from any physical injury or damage.

Benefits Of Meditation And Its Effect On The Brain

Meditation has another benefit to the brain as it reduces brain activity. Practicing meditation allows one to purge out thoughts from the mind without paying any attention to them. Also, mindfulness meditation has another benefit as it reduces the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression. With a few weeks of meditation, one is able to notice that attention levels of the mind have improved tremendously. This has helped a lot of people in making good decisions and being attentive to reasoning sessions.

Meditation And Its Effect On The Brain
Meditation And Its Effect On The Brain

Relax & Revive: Meditation And Its Effect On Brain

 Ever wondered how one can relax their brain? Relaxation is a way of calming both the mind and body. For one to be able to calm down the brain, he or she has to look for a quiet environment and take a relaxing posture making deep breaths and maybe listening to soothing music. Then practice the mindfulness meditation techniques which the main aim is to focus your attention on the things happening in the present moment and ignoring the future or the past.

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