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In this article, I will take through what you need to have and do to start meditating. To those who are new to meditation, this may sound funny, but this is a very productive exercise. One of the importance of meditating is that it makes one calm. Done by clearing all the negative thoughts from the mind leaving only positive productive thought in mind. This practice also makes the mind of the meditator to age at a slower rate.

It increases the grey matter in the brain, which responsible for managing all the activities of the mind like memory and control of the muscle. Meditation reducing thought in mind makes it easier for one to focus by making one feel more energized. 

Meditation is very simple exercise it only that people try to complicate its meaning and underestimate benefits got from it. There are basic things that are required for meditation to take place. To start with, you need something to sit on. Some types of meditation done when a person is standing or done when one is walking. It is good for one to start with sitting meditation. Therefore, it is good for one to have something to sit on to make it more comfortable and non-tiresome exercise. One can choose to sit on a chair, cushion or a bench. The second requirement is a timer to the time you while meditating. 

In Summary

If one wishes to start meditating, but they have no idea how to meditate worry no more, as there are many materials and resources to help you get started. There is an option using guided meditation resources or get a guide or facilitator to take you through the process of meditating. The guiding books for beginners can be a perfect way to start. Different authors wrote meditation books. Books by scientists, doctors, and meditation teachers cover different topics and things that are necessary for meditating. By reading these meditating books, one can learn all the techniques required in meditating to help one undergo this activity of meditating. 

Meditation books


Meditation for beginners

Practical meditation for beginners


So many books varieties used to take people through the process of meditation. Meditation for beginners is a book that Jack Kornfield wrote. It covers all the basics required to make one to meditate on their own. It includes a systematic procedure to help one meditate. The second book is the mindfulness for beginners.

The techniques in the book transforms the way they feel about something and the way they love things and people. It does not just focus on the approach of mindfulness, but also it helps one in improving their meditation practices. The last book is Buddha’s brain. Which pays less focus on the process of meditation and mindfulness and pays more attention to what happens behind meditation. It majors on discovering how our thinking changes the mind. It is used as an advantage to reshape one’s brain for greater happiness and relaxation from regular meditation. 

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