Equipments Used in Meditation-MEDITATION BELLS

What Are Meditation Bells

For the longest time known, the Buddhists always used bells of their meditation. They believed that the bells used to keep them aware of the present as they meditated. Bells in the Buddhism tradition symbolize intelligence. Worshippers use this to show their love towards “Buddha”.

It was also a means of promoting optimistic Karma. In Asia, chimes, bells and any other sound-producing instrument is a symbol of good fortune and religiousness. Sound-producing instruments fill your heart with calm and positivity. You can see them in many worship areas in order to create a good atmosphere for worship.

What Are Meditation Bells
What Are Meditation Bells

Types Of Meditation Bells


It has its roots in Tibetan Buddhism. It reflects small metallic cymbals that were connected by a leather thread. They offer nice, harmonious sound which comes up from the touching base. Bigger tingsha produce a sound of a low-tone that continued to ring for a long time while smaller ones produced a high-pitch sound that is pure.

During the prayers, the two bells ring together and when the sound synchronize, there is the production of a harmonious melody. They feature the start and end of yoga in the West. In the Buddhism practices, it snon-human objects and it is no less than an act of compassion.

Tibetan Prayer Meditation Bells

This is another bell for regular use in mediation. It arrives in combination with Vajra which is a hand-held metallic piece. The two were joined and played together in the past by the Buddhists to show intelligence and capability.

These bells have artist decorations done on them. Most of the drawings done are fortune symbols and are of every quality; cheap, that are available in great numbers. However, a lot of customization options are available for the expensive ones.

Modern bells

The current era bells are a great upgrade of the ancient one. They produce better, cleaner and steadier sound compared to the ancient bells. They also come in different sizes, designs, and tone.

Meditation Bells In The Current Times

What Are Meditation Bells
What Are Meditation Bells

In Asia, modern bells are available in their worship areas and they keep off evil spirit and attract good spirits. In Hinduism, the outer part of the bell symbolizes ‘Ananta’ which is something with no end. The tongue of the bell symbolizes ‘Sara Swati’ the wisdom goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

 The handle represents ‘prana shakti’ which is a very important power that signifies other Hindu gods and goddesses. The hollowness found in the bell around the tongue symbolizes emptiness that produces phenomena. The modern meditation bell is also great as a timer- it rings as one session begins and at the end of the session.

 The sound of a meditation bell brings calmness and keeps off negativity. The sound of the bell is still used to keep the mind aware of the present.

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