Can You Do Meditation Before Bed?

I believe everyone looks forward to bedtime and especially after having a tiresome or busy day. Bedtime marks the end of the day’s worries and fatigue. It gives us a chance to prepare our bodies for yet another day tomorrow. Sleep energizes our bodies. It is therefore very important that you sleep well at night so that when the dawn of a new day comes, you are able to face it with a big smile on your face. Going to bed with a mind that is preoccupied with all your day’s activities can keep you awake for the better part of the night.  It is therefore good for you to adopt meditation before bed with will greatly help you sleep well at night without much struggle.

Importance of Meditation Before Bed

Through meditation, you will be able to learn how to let go of the stress you have gone through during the day. Think of meditation before bed as an exercise aimed at relaxing your body muscles and this will make it easier for you to carry out this meditation. When you intentionally focus your brain on something specific through meditation, you create a psychological change that is similar to the changes that happen in your body when in the early phases of sleep. During sleep, your pulse slows, there is a drop in the blood pressure and the stress hormones are reduced and one been able to get to this state willingly translates to you having an easier time drifting off to sleep whenever you want to.

Types Of Meditation Before Bed

You can use mindfulness meditation which involves focusing only on your body. This involves listening to yourself breath or listening to your heartbeat and the sound produced by each. When your thoughts focus on something other than your breathing, realize that and bring them back to your breathing

There is also the concentration meditation which involves focusing all your attention on something specific such as the ringing of a gong or repeating a mantra such as ‘I am calm and my mind is calm’.

Guided Meditation Before Bed

You could also try using the guided meditation whereby, you are led through meditation by someone else. The instructor may take you through imagination where he tells you to imagine that your body is as light as a feather. Now imagine the wind blowing towards you and floating you in the air. Imagine yourself on the clouds sharing the same horizon. Such guided imaginations can make you feel all light from within yourself and you let go of all the stress and anxieties and are ready for bed.

How To Meditate Before Bed

Take five deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth when you are lying in bed. Take note of ho your lungs are filled with air.  Imagine all your worries going away as you breathe out.  Check-in yourself. Understand how you are feeling in your body and mind. A lot of thoughts will come running into your mind. Do not fight them, let them in.

Focus on how your body feels on the bed and how the bed holds your weight then focus your attention on how your body feels. It is restless or calm? Think of how your day was and what could be causing you to be calm or restless? Now focus on a single body part such as your hand and imagine switching it off for the night. Do this to all parts of the body until you drift off to dreamland.

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