Meditation Beads

Meditation Beads have for the longest time been used in worship. They come in the form of necklaces and beads. The beads you see our catholic friends wearing are not just for beauty but are a worship tool. The necklace worn by your Yoga instructor is not just a piece of fashion but is a tool for meditation.

They are used worldwide. In meditation, they are used for Japa meditation where one needs to keep track of the many times he has recited a mantra. They go by many names which are japamala, prayer beads or meditation beads.

Meditation Beads

What Are Mala Beads?                

A mala has 108 beads and are used for keeping count on the repetition of a mantra or breaths. The beads are made out of different woods and gemstones which are associated with different meanings and intentions. Sandalwood Malas are the most used beads. Most of the Malas have a tassel that is used to mark the beginning and the end of the meditation. Other than being counting tools, they also aid in keeping the mind’s attention focused and assist you in guiding your attention if your mind wanders. They can be worn as bracelets or necklaces.

How To Use Mala Beads For Meditation

Once you have understood the basic meditation, you can include Mala in your meditation using any meditation position.Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. This could be a half-lotus position or full lotus position. Then decide on a Mantra that you are going to use and how many times you want to repeat it.

Hold the Mala bead by your right hand use your thumb and your middle finger to move from one bead to the next. Each bead is equal to one recite.When you reach to the tassel, it means you have completed 100 recites, and if you wish to continue with the recite, you must rotate the Mala because you should not cross the guru bead. Continue with your Japa meditation until your goal is achieved.

How To Select Beads For Meditation

In Japa, one can use any kind of bead for meditation. It is important to have an attitude and sincerity towards your meditation. You can choose the beads based on color, feel, price or material. When purchasing beads made of stones, it is important to note that every gemstone we get to associate them with a certain meaning and purpose and therefore you should buy a bead that suits your needs. These gemstones possess energies that influence your meditation.

Meditation Beads

How To Wear Mala Beads

The intentions you possess that lead you to buying a bead is what affects or guides you on how to wear your Mala beads. There are traditional rules that one needs to apply when deciding on how to wear it.

They should not touch the ground-mala beads are for spiritual purposes and therefore should not touch the ground. It removes their energy and bad intentions. In the case where the Mala touches the ground, you should be cleanse it.

Rules For Wearing The Beads

Other people should not touch your Mala. This is a very hard rule to adhere to since people are always curious about these beads and always want to touch especially if they are from nice stones. One should wear them on the left hand and used for meditation with the left hand, though this rule applies to the Buddhists alone.

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