A Look At The Basics Of Meditation

In a general and basic way, meditation is an approach where the mind is trained in the same way the body is trained. It’s more of a fitness exercise. In this, the individual may use different techniques such as mindfulness and focusing. This exercise offers room for relaxation and awareness in stressful thoughts or situations. Here’s a quick look at the basics of meditation.

Facts And Types of Meditation

A Look At The Basics Of Meditation
A Look At The Basics Of Meditation

In each type of meditation, there exist many subtypes of the same. Each of which is different from the subtypes of other types of meditation. Also meditation trainers and guides have different ideas and styles of how experts and beginners should practice meditation process. Lastly, it is advisable for one who is beginning this process of meditation to test different types and approaches.

Basics Of Meditation And Its Techniques

There are several types of meditation that you can do to achieve the same goals. They include the following Metta meditation also called loving kindness meditation. Body scan or the progression meditation, mindfulness meditation, breathe awareness mediation and lastly the kundalini meditation and the Zen meditation.

Basics of Meditation For The Beginner

Start by first selecting the right quite place free from disruptions. Then sit or lie comfortably by either deciding to use the meditation cushion or chair. It’ all about sitting in optimum comfort. Then close the eyes in the normal way or cover them using cooling eye masks. Finally, make an effort to breathe in a controlled manner putting all the concentration in the breathing noticing the movement of your body.

Observe the movement of the chest, belly and the shoulders as you inhale and exhale for a period of around three minutes. Pay all your attention to the breathing and don’t even control it for a single second let it happen naturally. If your mind moves away from the breathing, take all the concentration back to the breathing and don’t tire.

Best Moments To Meditate

Meditation is not a one-day thing but it’s a routine that you can practice consistently. So you can do it on daily basis, no matter whether you are an expert or beginner. Do it whenever you want; in the morning before one starts the day just before taking the breakfast is the best time. It can also be done during the day whenever one feels worn out, stressed out. Meditation can make you feel more relaxed by settling down your mind and help you think clearly about the next action to be taken.

A Look At The Basics Of Meditation
A Look At The Basics Of Meditation

Another best time to have your meditation activity is at lunch hour break which can help you cool down after maybe a long working period due to too much workload or even after a long business meeting and difficult conversation. When we say that meditation is a daily and consistent activity, we mean that you must practice it more often and regularly in the day. This brings sure results after long working day at night before going to bed to create that boundary like thing between the working hours and the rest of life. It helps to relieve all day long stress for a restful sleep.

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