Meditation balls are also known as medicine balls and also Baoding balls. They are small metal balls that one can hold in the hand. One uses the balls by having two balls in the hand and rotation them. In the field of medicine, patients who buy Medicine balls do so for several reasons.  In cases of surgery, the patient uses the balls relax the hands. The balls also assist in the recovery of the muscle strength and motor skills in the case of a surgery. They also enhance finger suppleness.

History of the meditation balls

The origin of these balls is said to be the Chinese, during the Ming Dynasty. The then soldiers used to exercise their hands with walnuts until the Baoding balls were invented which were also used as a weapon (since they were made out of iron) were manufactured.

Modern Meditation Balls

The modern meditation balls are of different materials such as marbles, stones, agate, and steel. Most of the steel balls are usually hollow on the inside and have a wire and a marble. When one rotates the ball, there is a pleasing chiming sound that is produced. Due to the different materials used, these balls vary in weight, size, and feel. They are even made with beautiful arts on them.

How they are used

For one to use the balls, they need to have two balls in the one hand and then rotate them while ensuring contact between the two balls, switching their relative position. Once the person has got used to the practice, the speed of the rotation can be increased until the balls separate in the hand. As time goes by, one learns to rotate the balls with them never coming into contact.

Benefits and uses of the meditation balls

There must be a reason as to why people like using these Chinese balls. Doctors in China use the balls on patients suffering from fatigue since the balls are rotated by the hand; they exert pressure on different pressure points found in the hand. This translates to overall energy flow within the body.

Patients who are under this treatment say that since using the balls, they experience quality sleep, improved memory, and relaxed joints and muscles.

Meditation and The Brain

Meditation balls increase brain functionality while putting the hand through a muscle exercise.  They believe that the the ball aids in reducing stress and from this, the balls are also called ‘worry balls.

The balls can be a distraction during the breathing meditation, where your focus is on breathing, but you can definitely use the balls as an aide to the actual meditation sitting.

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How to use meditation balls as a meditation tool

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably.  Breathe consciously taking note of your inhaling and exhaling. As you breathe, start rotating the balls in your hands slowly. Sync your breathing to the rotation of the balls. Rotating the balls sends signals of positivity in your mind which makes it much easier for one to let go of their thoughts that make one anxious. Continue this for the time you had set for your meditation session. End the session by opening your eyes. The body and all the joints feel relaxed and rejuvenated after such an exercise.

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