Meditation 8 Minutes


Meditation is a practice that, when one master it, can carry it out on their own and very easily. It is important that it is performed regularly.  It has been known to relieve people of pain, stress, anxiety, and even enhancing sleeping habits. It is being practiced by people of different ages, gender, and even culture. It is a healthy practice that has uncountable benefits.

Why Meditate

Many people in the world experience stress daily because of their jobs and the experiences they go through every day. It is the main cause of many diseases. Depression, withdrawal and even suicide are some of the effects that are brought to people by stress. Stress has affected the performance of employees at work, students at school and has affected the well- being of people. When one meditates, one can live moment-to-moment awareness of specific activities. This allows your mind and body to enter into a relaxing mode that helps you forget about your stress.

What is an 8-minute meditation?

The 8-minute meditation is a non- religious, creative and an exceptional meditation practice that gives meditation as and Eastern tool for Western results. It is a powerful way of handling stress and managing pain, relaxing the muscles, increasing intelligence and bringing more peace.

The 8- minute meditation is the easiest, simplest, and the most effective meditation that one can use to achieve the best results. In most magazines, the 8-minutes meditation is called ‘the most American form of meditation’ because there is an 8 minute time between two television commercials.

Is it hard to learn the 8 minutes of meditation?

It is a very direct and simple approach to meditation. It takes a total of around 12 minutes, including preparing and introducing yourself to meditation. It works best for meditation beginners and for those people who have ever tried meditation but were discouraged. There are books that one can buy and read that offer a guideline on how to carry out the meditation. There are also tutorials on YouTube that can direct you on how to use this meditation. You can also try getting a coach or joining a group that uses this meditation.

The 8-minutes Meditation

First and foremost, find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Maintain an upright posture to avoid spine injuries. Then take in some deep breaths and then focus on your body regularly relax it. Think of your body shape and the weight it has exerted on the ground that you are seated on. Think of how the air caresses your body as it blows.

Tune into your breathing- focus your mind on the way you are breathing in and out. Breathe naturally. Allow your mind to notice how you feel when breathing in and out. During these focusing sessions, your mind will drift off. Realize that without fighting it, and bring your thoughts back to your breathing. Do this for about five minutes, bringing your mind back whenever it wanders.

In Summary

It is important that you check-in and see how your body feels and how relaxed your mind is before ending your meditation session. Allow your body and mind to relax even more and appreciate yourself for meditating.

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