Made From All Natural Herbal Ingredients, Authentic Hand Rolled Product, And Provide Relaxing Aroma!

Since ancient times, it has been a ritual to burn raw material and convert it into incense. Incense sticks are used to create positive energy in the environment, and it is considered one of the spiritual ways to connect with God. All types of religions have this ritual of burning incense sticks to create an aromatic feeling around themselves. We also Crave Holistic feelings and want positive Vibes to come to us naturally, and it can only happen when we desire it. You can place the incense stick on its specially designed plate and put it in your living room to create a relaxing Aroma. Authentic hand-rolled and made from all-natural herbal ingredients, Tibetan incense sticks are infamous these days. The question is, why only hand-rolled Tibetan incense sticks? Syn incense sticks are known to cause headaches and migraines, so they are not recommended for daily use, but they have natural incense that makes them the best in the market. 

You can buy Tibetan incense sticks online by clicking on the blue highlighted text but first, look at all of the specifications, pros, and cons of the product. 

Buy The Tibetan Incense Stick And Attracts Positive Energy To Your Home To Have Holistic 


  • Model Number – S10152602+
  • Application Scene – Living Room
  • Material – Artificial Scent
  • Regional Feature – Indian Incense
  • Type – Stick Incense
  • Classification – Smoke Candle
  • Specification – <10ML
  • Use – Aromatic
  • Application – Body
  • Packaging – Simple Package for Private Use
  • Quantity – (1) 12 boxes, (2) 9 boxes,(3) 6 boxes
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  • These Tibetan sticks give assorted aromas, and each box has a different aroma that you can choose from.
  • All of the incense sticks are handmade and are of high quality. 
  • They are individually packed for moisture-proof shipping.
  • It gives your home a holistic feeling and attracts positive energy.
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  • The cost is a bit too high. 
  • Stick essence lasts only for a few hours or a day maximum.


Using the Tibetan incense stick in the home will help you to remain calm and composed. Once you start building the holistic feeling in yourself, there is no chance that anxiety and stress will be anywhere near you. If you are practicing yoga or meditation at home, you can use a Tibetan incense stick to compliment your session and practice your meditation in a relaxing environment. It will help you to purify your space and stimulate creativity inside you. Also, what is better than enjoying the simple pleasure of feeling the best incense around you.

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