Learn All You Want To Know About Sattvic Meditation Benefits

sa ta na ma meditation benefits

The Tantric teachings of Sri Thai massage are based on the power of meditation, mantra and body postures. These energy techniques bring about an awakening in the consciousness and re-balancing the chakras. These energy techniques have been used for thousands of years by the ancient Indians, and the Chinese. Yoga is an offshoot of these teachings and has gained popularity among masses in recent times.

Yoga uses meditation to reach a higher level of consciousness and also to heal the body. Some of the health benefits of this type of meditation include purification of the internal organs, better digestion and increase in the vitality of the body.

Through this method of meditation you can achieve self-realization, which is also known as Kundalini awakening. It will increase the efficiency with which you expend your energy.

Improving Concentration And Helps In Reducing Stress

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One of the most important advantages of yoga is that it helps in improving concentration and helps in reducing stress. Many people associate yoga with pain and suffering but in actual fact meditation can cause no pain or suffering, if performed properly. There are many other meditation benefits apart from those mentioned above, which are very well known. Some of these are spiritual, energetic and physical.

Energy and consciousness are both vital for our survival. Energy facilitates communication between the body and the spirit and consciousness promotes awareness and wisdom. In order to be healthy and fit we must be active and this activity must be balanced. Lack of energy can hinder us from performing activities that are beneficial to our body. Lack of energy can also cause illness and even disease.

Reduced Metabolic Rate

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An imbalance in energy leads to imbalances in functioning of various body parts. This impairs the metabolic process and results in a reduced metabolic rate. The energy system consists of various energy centers located all over the human body which receive the positive and negative energy throughout the day. The major organ responsible for the distribution of positive energy to the different body parts is the brain which enables us to think, understand and behave normally.

Chi is a very strong energy controlling and balancing agent which plays an important role in the whole body system. When imbalance occurs, chakras become out of balance too. It is very important for us to maintain our body system in a proper balance and maintain our chakras at the right level. It is very important for us to perform Sattvic yoga or Restorative Yoga in order to achieve this Chakra balancing and improvement.

Improve Digestion

Another important body system function is digestion. There are many digestive diseases and disorders that can result due to poor digestion. Digestive problems like abdominal cramps, constipation and diarrhea are some of the symptoms of improper digestion. In order to improve digestion and ease constipation, a proper diet with sufficient quantity of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals should be taken in addition to regular Sattvic yoga as well as sauna sessions.

It has been scientifically proven that meditation leads to the strengthening and improvement of the immune system. Some of the diseases and disorders like cancer, anxiety and stress, blood pressure and diabetes can be reduced and improved by regular meditation. It is important to realize the fact that we have an amazing power inside our body which can lead to better health and fitness as well as mental peace.

Maintain Our Energetic Balance

The human body consists of both “conscious” and “unconscious” energy centers. These energy centers are connected and work hand in hand with each other to maintain and give the body the ability to do and accomplish everyday activities. If any one of these energy centers is out of order, the performance of the body will be greatly affected and cause the person to experience poor health and physical condition.

In order to maintain our energetic balance, it is very important for us to perform meditation regularly. It helps us to maintain our body’s balance, health and fitness. Meditation is able to help us realize and manifest all our potentials and gifts through self realization. Through proper meditation, we can also enhance and balance all the five energy centers of our body – the Heart, Throat, Brow, Back and Store chest.

Final Words

There are many benefits of Sattvic yoga for health and fitness. It is a good way to strengthen and maintain our physical body. We are basically discussing the process or the method that helps us to maintain our body’s balance and health. This is what Sattvic Yoga is all about. Sattvic yoga is really a great way of living a healthy and balanced life.

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