Laughing Buddha Statue


We are living in modern times, but we still do pamper our primitive beliefs somewhere in our hearts. The struggle of good and evil spirit still exists in a dark corner of our enlightened mind. Among these finds Chinese mythology is taking up the modern thoughts most aggressively. Along with the great luck things, these items are also used for home decors. These items are now being produced commercially. So the factories are even being bothered about looks and the gloss of these items. Otherwise, we can assume them as ornaments. 

Laughing Buddha Statue Decorative Ornament

Among all these useful luck items, laughing Buddha is very popular throughout the world. The online shopping merchants are also selling this ornament in various sizes, colors, and designs. In this following article, we are going to have a quick word about golden laughing Buddha ornament. If the laughing Buddha is gold in color, then it is usually called Hotei. Out of the good luck charm quality, you can also take it to your cart to give your home or your workspace an elegant look. This Buddha will not only bring peace or good luck in devotional means but also make it more beautiful and approaching for the rest world. 

Why And How It Brings Good Luck To You

Now let’s have a look at its supernatural and believed qualities. But before that, if you have always got such a piece, you must know where you will need to place and where not. You are advised not to put it over the floor, in your bedroom or bathroom. It is believed that it will do nothing good but worst for you. Placing a laughing Buddha in such places will bring an immense flow of negative energy and bad luck to your house. Well, that is not expected in any mean. Instead, you can place it showcasing the money and other valuable items. It will effectively bring good luck and wealth to your home. These golden ornaments generally come in two different sizes and styles. The first one represents harmony and tranquility. And the second one symbolizes good health, prosperity, and abundance. 

What History Says

Let’s look back in history once. Some people’s assumption is a friar from Liang’s dynasty inspires this figurine. This figurine represents joy as it has a bigger belly. Some people believe that if someone tickles its stomach, then it will surely bring good fortune to you. 

This Buddha is colored in the golden shade and comes in a larger size. So, you can easily showcase it to your guests. You can keep it on your table or in such a place what is visible from your home entrance. You can also gift it to your family or friends on several occasions. It may appear to them as a good wish magnet. Always remember to place it in the right places. Avoid placing it on the floor, bathroom, or bedroom. You can put it before your front door, but you will need to keep your wealth showing the money. Southwest corners are the most preferable to place your laughing Buddha.