Know The Different Types Of Yoga Equipment And Furniture

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1. Yoga mat

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Yoga mats are actually fabricated mats that are used to prevent hands and to slip

during yoga practice. It is so inclusive in today’s yoga world. It can make your yoga

practice progressively agreeable. Furthermore, it provides cushioning between the body and the floor, which makes you calm.

2. Yoga Belt(or strap)

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Yoga belts are used for body stretching. It can provide useful help on support,

alignment, and posture. It is best to open your muscle joints by doing some different

types of yoga poses.

3. Chairs

Chairs are also used as a prop to do yoga in a variety of ways. Older people or those with some limited mobility due to health conditions may have an easier time performing some seated yoga poses in a chair rather than sitting on the ground. Some forms of yoga

use a specially designed yoga chair that looks like a folding chair without a backrest.

4. Yoga Bricks(Blocks):

There is much use of yoga bricks. A single block is used to keep you in a pose. Such

blocks can also be to bring the floor closer to you, which may make you feel comfortable while doing a particular pose. These blocks can be made of wood or foam.

6. Yoga bolsters

A yoga bolster is a type of pillow or cushion which gives firm support. A bolster can

provide correct posture and support for certain yoga poses. It is also used in restorative yoga classes where it can be placed under the spine or the knees for stretching in a better way. In certain sitting poses, bolsters help to sit nicely and also provide comfort.

7. Blankets 

Blankets are also used as a prop in certain restorative yoga poses. Further, it can also be used for cushioning and propping the different parts of the body. There are many ways to use a blanket while doing yoga. You can use a blanket to prop yourself up in a pigeon pose.

8. Yoga ball(exercise ball)

It is a ball made of soft elastic filled with air. If we sit on a yoga ball instead of a chair, it will improve our body posture and will also help to avoid back pain. Using a yoga ball can activate all the postural muscles- the deep muscles in the abdomen, pelvis, and back which hold the body together and give us a perfect posture.


Yoga is an exercise for the body and also for the mind and the soul. It results in

a peaceful mind. Yoga must be a part of everyday life. Yoga also helps to maintain a

balance between the body and the mind.

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