Know About Mindful Meditation Transcript

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Meditation is like a category of short-term mental exercise. According to Buddhists, “Meditation is a technique that encourages and develops concentration.” Meditation is a practice that can enhance the calmness and stability of your mind. It takes five to fifteen minutes to practice. Meditation can be exercised by people from every culture and every level. From ancient days every Saint used to practice meditation for spiritual motives. But nowadays, the common folk exercise meditation to achieve attention and stability in their life.

What Is The Importance Of Learning Meditation?

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As meditation is a kind of mental exercise. It has numerous advantages in our life. The 5 minute meditation can give aesthetic pleasure. Not only it gives you calm, but it is also good for your health. Meditation can keep the balance in your regular life. The 5 or 15 minutes meditation keeps you stress-free. It automatically develops the skill to manage stress, state of upset, and confusion. There are many people who are suffering from a mental disorder. Meditation can help you to give relief from this mental illness. Meditation helps you to grab whatever you wish. As it raises your mental power and determination. So that an act of courage is born in you to get that specific stuff. Meditation is important to enhance our self- awareness. Constant negative thinking can be reduced by meditation regularly. The power of imagination can be achieved by meditation. Practicing meditation can enhance your

patience level. Meditation helps to cure Asthma, Anxiety, heart disease, high blood

pressure, sleeping disorder, etc.

How To Do Meditation?

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Meditation never demands over essentials to practice. It’s entirely up to you how you want to practice meditation. In a formal or informal way, you can do this. However, there are some basic principles of meditation. First, take breathing in a proper way. It’s the nicest way for beginners. Give all your awareness towards your breathing. Feel how you are inhaling and how you are exhaling. Second, at the time of using this method, focus attention to completely different components of your body. Become tuned in to your body’s varied sensations, whether or not that is pain, tension, heat, or relaxation. Mix body scanning with respiration exercises and picture respiration heat or relaxation into and out of

various components of your body. Third, you can chant a mantra whatever you want. It can be ‘Om,’ or it can be your ‘Guru Mantra” Just focus on that without remembering any outside words of outside. Close your eyes and give your all attention.


Keep meditating every day in the early morning. And you can feel the change automatically afterward.

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