Sound And Vision: Gongs


Sound therapy is one of the ancient healing techniques used in the prehistoric ages. India, Greece, Egypt, to name a few of the countries practicing it. Some of the instruments that are commonly used for this therapy are harps, drums, wind chimes, singing bowls or Tibetan bowl, gongs, flutes, and tuning forks. Sound and vision therapy helps cure people physically and mentally. In this therapy, the practitioners apply the sound frequencies for treating. These sound frequencies allow the individual to find inner peace and harmony in every way i.e. the mind, the spirit, and the body of the person are perfectly synced. Over the years people have found sound therapy as beneficial in many ways.  There is research showing the successful healing of aliments using sounds.

The tranquilizing sounds of any of these instruments help in calming both body and mind. Many people have kept wind chimes in the room, and the soft chiming does wonder to the mood. People are using these sound therapy instruments to deal with stress, to calm their minds, and to get inner peace. One such instrument that has gained popularity amongst the people, especially the city dwellers is the gong. Gongs are used for getting inner peace through resorting to Gong Therapy.

What is Gong Therapy?

Gong Therapy, also known as Gong Bath, is a therapy or a healing method. In this therapy, a gong is played at different comfortable frequencies to help to heal individuals or groups. The vibration which the gongs produce works with the water present in the human body. 80% of our body is water. The waves produced by the gongs transport the person to reach a different state of mind. In this state, their body is fully relaxed and mind very calm. This therapy is very beneficial to the city dwellers. They are in constant stress due to the rat race, pollution, the constant need to prove themselves. Many city dwellers are resorting to Gong Therapy. This therapy is helping them to bring inner peace and giving them much-needed relaxation. Given below are the reasons how gong works in bringing inner peace.

It activates the Brain Waves and creates an emotional response

Sound And Vision: How Gongs Are Bringing Inner Peace To City Dwellers
Sound And Vision: How Gongs Are Bringing Inner Peace To City Dwellers

The gongs, when played during these therapy sessions result in enabling the Default Mode Network (DMN). Default Mode Network (DMN) is the functioning of the resting brain. DMN is most active by thinking about past experiences or worrying about the future rather than concentrating on the present. It is the state when the brain wanders, and a wandering brain is considered to have an unhappy mind. The gong, when played, creates vibrations that help the person to concentrate on themselves.  They gradually, for the time being, get isolated by the worries and other wandering thoughts.

You become Self Aware

Gongs are very useful in getting inner peace is that it helps a person in becoming self-aware. When gongs are played consequently it produces sound vibrations. These vibrations affect every cell of the body of the individual. And the cells make them sync with the frequencies created by the gong. These frequencies help in clearing the contention in the body and bring inner peace.