Important Steps Before Practicing Kundalini Chakra Meditation

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There are no known exact origins of kundalini chakra meditation, though its traditions date from around 1,000 BCE through 500 BCE. In Sanskrit, Kundalini refers to the “coiled snake” and refers to the old belief that each person carries at the base of the spine the “divine” energy. This tradition of mediation is intended to awaken, release and exploit this energy. Yogi Bhajan who developed and introduced his form of kundalini yoga in the United States at the beginning of the 1960s became popular in the West as the mediator of Kundalini. Since then, the practice has become a popular way to develop more awareness, attention, and stress, among other advantages. Below are the five important steps before beginning a very essential meditation practice for Kundalini:

1. Select A Place

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The first important step for kundalini chakra meditation is choosing the location. Anywhere can be done with kundalini meditation. Ideally, there is a quiet space free of distraction that is comfortable at a temperature (not too warm, not too cool). It should be a place where you can find yourself peaceful and where you can’t worry. It might be a place to collect your favourite stuff. Hold next to you a bottle of water.

2. Select What To Wear

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The second important step for kundalini chakra meditation is choosing the outfit. Dress up in anything that feels right. Many practitioners decide to wear a loose, comfortable cotton dress and perhaps a cotton shawl-like head. Clean, fresh, and ideally light coloured your clothes to improve the sense of lightness.

3. Decide When To Practice

The third important step for kundalini chakra meditation is to decide the time of practice. First thing in the morning, you can practice setting your intentions for the day, or you will be less troubled by time. Or, at night, you could practice in a winding way before bed. It works almost always, but try not to meditate after a big meal because your body is busy with digestion.

4. Get Into Position 

The fourth important step for kundalini chakra meditation is to get in the position. Sit cross-legged or sit on your feet in a chair with your weight. More importantly, choose an upright position with a straight vertebra that’s comfortable for you. Smoothly close your eyes, which close approximately 90%. You may decide to sit or put a pillow underneath you for comfort on a wool or cotton blanket.

5. Select The Practise Length

The fifth important step for kundalini chakra meditation is to select the practice length. It can be from three to two and a half hours anywhere. Some common choices of the length of meditation are 11, 15, 22, 31, and so forth. Everything that works for your program and objectives is perfect.


All of the above-mentioned steps are important before beginning the practice of kundalini chakra meditation. Once all these steps are completed, you’re good to go for practice.

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