How To Meditate

Meditation For Beginners

Meditations is a way of stress relieve through keeping mind calmness despite the stress level one encounters in their routine lives. It involves training of the mind on how to meditate or focus and understand different life scenarios thus reaching a higher level of self-awareness and inner calmness.

This is an ancient norm popularly practiced in Buddhist traditions where it is considered to have a similar implication like Sports in the US. Therefore it is a collection of activities that aid in mind training in a similar way to which sports are valued in the US to train the body for fitness keeping purposes.

How To Meditate
How To Meditate

Meditations Skills

In some places, meditations skills are even acquired from meditation and non-meditation institutions thus featured amongst the social life subjects in the classroom. It is really difficult for a newbie to sit down and meditate; as this activity entails sitting down for a stipulated period of time and thinking of nothing.

Basically, the art of meditation revolves around focusing on the breath ensuring optimal concentration with an empty mind within the meditation period. Holding meditation expeditions on a regular bases helps one in controlling their emotions, enhancing their concentration, lowering stress levels and maybe tightening their relationship with people within your environment.

How To Meditate: Beginners guide on meditations

Meditation practices require that one takes at least 3 minutes of enduring the procedure and then works hard to increase in the stipulated period. To begin your meditation practice, follow these simple steps of meditation guide for beginners:

  1. Either sit or lie comfortably using a meditation chair or a meditation cushion to make the activity more comfortable and enjoyable.
  2. Close your eyes; you can opt to use a cooling eye mask or a restorative eye pillow
  3. Breathe naturally in this position
  4. Focus your attention on the breathe, the inhalation and exhalation impact on the body movement during breathing
  5. Be keen to focus on how your body parts move;  the chest, shoulders, rib cage and the belly while focusing on your breathing without changing on the pace. Make sure you have 100% concentration on your breathe and try your best to bring your mind back in case your thoughts wander away.
How To Meditate
How To Meditate

Meditation Techniques for beginners and experienced meditation persons

There are two main types of meditation techniques; Concentration and the Mindfulness meditation.

Concentration meditation

This technique entails focusing on a single activity. This can be concentrating on any of the meditation practice activity which might be focusing on; breath, repeating a single song. It also involves staring at a candle, listening to a repetitive song, count of beads, just to mention a few.

Meditation through concentration is quite challenging for beginners thus they are advised to do short period meditation. Work out to grow the span of time with time. Through this approach, the ability to concentrate grows immensely. One will be in a position to let block their random thoughts.

Mindful Meditation

This is the inverse of the Meditation for Concentration technique ; it requires that one focuses on random thoughts drifting through their minds. The basic idea behind this type of meditation is creating mental awareness of every thought from your mind as it arises. With this meditation technique, one is able to see how thoughts move within the mind in a pattern and are able to learn human reactions to different thoughts as they pass their minds.

How To Meditate
How To Meditate

Other meditation techniques

There is a variety of other meditation skills discovered by scientists while others are ancient and have been passed from generation to generation. Some of the other meditation approaches entail; the Buddhist monks which focus on compassion development. Through compassion one is able to let negative thoughts drift in their minds and compassionately have a positive view on them. There are other meditation techniques such as; the moving meditation technique, et Cetera.

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