How Modernization Is Affecting People’s Lives?

How Modernization is affecting people's lives?

We are moving towards the technological phase, everything is modernizing day by day whether it’s our nation’s development or our houses, both are developing and everyone wants modern equipment in their hands. The same is with the homes. Everyone wants modern devices in their houses to saves time and effort. There are some characteristics of modernization discussed below.


this means giving up on old traditions or ways of living. It mainly pointed on old ways of work like using the old methods for farming while there are new ways available for farming which are both time and effort saving methods. In earlier times, people used to live in kaccha houses but as modernization is taking place, every house is converting into a well-built house. In the same way, in remote areas, agriculture methods need to be modernized.


As we discussed, people are now moving to urban areas from rural to get better life opportunities. The new centers are developing for the people coming from urban areas. They came here and to make enough money to live the rest of their peacefully.


From tiny chips to enormous sized airplanes, there are many industries which growing day today. Every day a new product comes to market and a new factory or industry is formed. This creates and produces the latest techniques.

Literate People

The main focus of modernization is to make it easier and pleasant for people to survive. It reduces the literacy rate all over the world. More schools have been set up which helps in reducing the illiteracy rate.

Social And Daily-life

People travel from one place to another place which lets them gain different experiences. By modernization, our daily-life task is becoming easy to handle. Jobs’ opportunities are growing widely.            In-short modernization enlightens the world in all aspects.

Example of modern equipment concerning technology

LED And OLED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Instead of big devices to measure pulse, people are using this device which does the same and guaranteed comfortable and easy to use the device. It is made up of pure silicone gel to provide accurate reading and comfort while it is working on your fingertips. It comes with an easy to carry pouch. While it is made up of ABS plastic material. The power supply is 2 x AAA 1.5V Alkaline battery. The size of the device is 57mm x 31.5 mm x 30.5mm.

How Modernization is affecting people's lives?
How Modernization is affecting people’s lives?

Example of modern equipment concerning home décor

Starry Night Galaxy Décor Psychedelic Tapestry

Surprise your friends and family by adding this piece of art in your house or office. This galaxy themed design comes in different colors so that you can have a lot of choices. It easy to clean products.

How Modernization is affecting people's lives?
How Modernization is affecting people’s lives?

Wooden Buddha Structure

A well-decorated and aesthetic design to place on your office table or into a house gallery. It can also be used as a gift item. It’s small size and lightweight makes it easy to carry around. The size is 16.5cm x 6cm.

How Modernization is affecting people's lives?
How Modernization is affecting people’s lives?
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