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Feet pain could be a result of a lot of reasons. Some of them include overwork and exhaustion, PMS symptoms, constant stress and more. Often hot water massages and icing are recommended. Severe cases of foot pain patients are also recommended paracetamols. If you are looking for permanent relief from chronic foot pain, here is the best product for you. These little inflatable feet massaging balls are trending everywhere. And here is the reason why! They are very accessible and very effective in the long run. 

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About the Inflatable Massage Half Balls

These half inflatable massage balls are flat surfaced on one side and spiky on the other. This makes them settle on the even surfaced floor and for you to access through the side where your feet can massage. The spikes are commonly recommended features for foot massaging as they enhance better blood flow. They relax and reduce stress through the massaging session.  With a 16cm dimension, these PVC half massage balls are everything you need if you are suffering from chronic foot pain.

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Pros of the Inflatable Massage Half Balls

  • These little massage balls are very compact. 
  • They are travel friendly.
  • The maintenance of the massage balls is hassle-free.
  • The rubber balls are water-resistant.
  • These little massage balls are also very durable.
  • The product is available in a variety of colors.
  • These little massage balls are made from PVC and make them comfortable to relieve stress from the feet.
  • This product greatly enables better circulation of blood through the legs.
  • The pointy spikes on the massage balls are therapist-advised features of massagers.
  • These compact massage balls are also reusable. 
  • Purchasing two at a time will enable you to release stress from both feet at the same time.
  • These essential products are very affordable.

Cons of the Inflatable Massage Half Balls

The design of the product is derived from professional expertise and advice from experts. The spunky side that enables better blood flow makes it a more desirable option for foot massage products. With plenty of pros, there aren’t any cons regarding this particular design of feet massage balls. The PVS production of the product makes it a durable option too. You can also use these massage balls to relieve stress from feet following a hot water feet spa session. Being resistant to water, the two processes would work on releasing pain from your feet.


Foot pain cannot be easily gotten rid of. Depending on the reason for the cause of this pain, it might take a long time to completely relieve the constant pain. For those who suffer from chronic foot pain, these half massage balls are the best solution. They enhance blood flow and help you gain more strength in the leg. These massage balls also make the unpleasant cracks in the feet go away with proper and long usage.

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