Everyone Should Know These Details About Blue Moon Yoga

blue moon yoga

There is no denying that yoga has multiple healthy benefits for people. For a long time, people have been practicing yoga in India but lately, people from all over the world have adopted it. The United Nations have declared 21 June as an international yoga day for all of the world. If you already have some knowledge about yoga, you need to read this blog to know more. For beginners in blue moon yoga, this is a must-read blog. 

Definition Of Yoga

Yoga is an old way of making a balance between body and mind. There are so many theories about the origin of yoga but most of the studies have found that India is the home of Yoga. It is both spiritual and physical that makes semblance in life. It uses breathing techniques, exercise, meditation, and other forms to help in improving health and happiness. 

It is a great way to enhance posture, balance, and coordination in life. Some scholars also call yoga a systematic practice of physical exercise, breath control, relaxation, and diet control. Yoga also covers positive thinking and meditation that is purely aimed at developing harmony in the body, mind, and environment.

Historians suggest that Patanjali is the father of modern yoga. He compiled all the major postures and meditation techniques in a book that is being referred to by many yoga teachers all over the world. 

Basic Principle Of Yoga

There are different theories but most of them agree that blue moon yoga has the following principle. 

  • Proper Exercise: This is the best thing to focus on and most people do this for good health. It helps in keeping the body healthy, strong and flexible. …
  • Proper Breathing (Pranayama):- Here, a person focuses on breathing and does various breathing activities. It helps in stress management. 
  • Proper Diet and Nutrition:- Yoga also emphasizes having pure and nutritious food all the time. There are no benefits of doing yoga every day if you do not have proper diet and nutrition in your food. 
  • Positive Thinking and Meditation:- Yoga principal stresses that we become the person, what we think of. So when we think positively, we become successful in life. 

Benefits Of Yoga

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Blue moon yoga firstly gives you good flexibility in the body. The mind becomes calmer that helps in good sleep, stress management, and curing of other non-communicable diseases. Experts argue that you can control weight loss with the help of yoga. Even during, Covid- 19, many medical practitioners have said that those doing breathing exercises regularly are less prone to infection from the virus.


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Adopting any physical activity is paramount for health, but there is nothing like blue moon yoga. Even if you do other activities, adopt yoga in your life. 

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