Coping With Stress From Coronavirus Anxiety

Exercise and mindful eating are two ways to get rid of Coronavirus Anxiety. In the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has a lot of stress and be anxious. People are locked down and quarantined into their homes. Moreover, offices, schools, and entertainment sectors are shut to prevent the epidemic spread. In such a state of national and world emergency, it is natural to have a lot of stress and be anxious. However, one needs to move on in life and stay positive. Good times are just around the corner. You can easily get rid of your Coronavirus anxiety by performing yoga and eating the right food items.

Coping With Stress From Coronavirus Anxiety
Coping With Stress From Coronavirus Anxiety

Yoga For Coping With Stress

There is a wonderful yoga asana that helps in coping with stress. Regular practice also assists in getting rid of your coronavirus anxiety. ‘Utthita’ means “Extended” and ‘Trikona’ means a triangle or three angles in Sanskrit. The yoga “Extended Triangle Pose” or the “Utthita Trikonasana” is a standing pose in which legs, arms, thighs, groins, vertebral column, and many other parts of the body, are deeply stretched.

The “Extended Triangle Pose” has several triangles in the pose. The hands and back foot are one, two feet are another, and the torso and front leg form the sides of another triangle. With this pose, you learn firmness of the legs, fullness in the chest, lengthening of the spine, and freedom in the shoulders.

This asana also increases the strength of the legs and lower joints. “Extended Trikonasana” teaches backbends, twists, and inversions.

The main benefit of this pose is that it relieves depression and anxiety. A person feels positive, hopeful, and in high spirits, after performing it.

Foods That Help Get Rid Of Coronavirus Anxiety

Whole Grain Foods:

Whole grain cereals like pasta, bread, and chapattis are very good options for those who are gluten tolerant. They are rich in magnesium. Magnesium deficiency triggers anxiety in some people. Whole-grain foods also contain tryptophan which later becomes serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter with calming effects. These foods not only reduce hunger but also help in creating healthy energy in the body. You can also feel fuller much longer. Whole-grain foods are great sources of anti-anxiety traits.


Seaweed is also a great anti-anxiety food just like whole grains. It is rich in nutrients and has high tryptophan content, which later leads to the body like serotonin. Those who are gluten allergic can use seaweed owing to their similar nutritional values. Seaweed also has high magnesium content which is also a food that reduces anxiety. 


Blueberry is a delicious superfood and an effective anti-depression one. It is rich in plant nutrients that go by the name phytonutrients and many other essential vitamins. It contains high levels of antioxidants, making it an effective stress-reducing food.


Dark chocolate without added milk or sugar is a great stress relieving food. Chocolate effectively reduces cortisol which is a stress hormone that causes anxiety and depression symptoms. Certain compounds present in dark chocolate also alleviate the mood and makes one happy or balanced.

Coping With Stress From Coronavirus Anxiety
Coping With Stress From Coronavirus Anxiety
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