Buddhist Mindful Meditation- Know The Benefits

buddhist mindful meditation

Do you ever wonder why students and Buddhist followers do meditation daily? Whenever you visit any Pagoda, you will see little kids and elders are doing mindful meditation. Nobody knows about how it started, but according to the records, the meditation technique came at around 1500BCE. Since then, there has been no looking back, and people have been practicing the art of mindful meditation for decades. The word meditation comes from the Latin word ‘meditatum,’ which means pondering. It will help you transport your mind to a hypnotic state so that you can have a coherent relationship with god. Apart from the spiritual aspect, we will talk about the benefits of mindful meditation in Buddhism. 

Mental Health Benefits


The ancient Buddha mantras reduce the chances of depression and anxiety. Most people would do mindful meditation and say that they have been able to attain mental peace. Meditation works like magic in treating depression, and it is just like an antidepressant drug without the side effects. If a person has a panic disorder, meditation has been able to reduce the symptoms greatly. That is one of the reasons why rehabilitation centers are using a form of meditation to reduce the symptoms of drug abuse and alcohol. 

Enhancing The Performance

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Most people have been able to get practical benefits because meditation helps them improve focus and attention. People say that they have more productive days after meditating because stress management becomes more straightforward. Also, it helps with the decision-making process, and individuals can start looking at other perspectives of life. No wonder Buddhist meditation helps with resilience and emotional intelligence. 

Physical Impact

Not only mental benefits, but meditation is also associated with physical well-being as well. It will reduce stress and increase immunity with the help of mitochondrial energy production. We all know that the mitochondria are the warehouse of the cell, and meditation will increase cellular activity, thereby keeping the body fit. It will also prevent asthma, inflammatory bowel disorder, and rheumatoid arthritis. There are some other nonproven benefits that meditation claims to have. For example, it helps eliminate chances of premature death and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Women who are suffering from premenstrual syndrome can get image benefits when it comes to doing meditation on a daily basis.

Benefits In Relationship

Most of the relationships tend to die today because of the lack of empathy and detachment from society. Social isolation and loneliness are some other causes that can cause relationship problems. But if a person can connect the mind and the spirit, there will be fewer chances of breaking a sustainable relationship. 

The Goal Of Buddhist Meditation

The primary goal of Buddhist meditation is to make people lead a life of well-being. It is also to make them realize that pleasure is about sensual stuff and spiritual impressions. Meditation will give you an experience of the highest form of mental qualities, and it is a source of light to the mind. 


There are various methods of Buddhist meditation, and with proper guidance, you will be able to practice the same. 

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