Buddha Statue Buyer’s Guide

Wear A Buddhist Jewelry To Help Finding Your Zen

Buddha Statue can be easily understood only by looking at them. Also, you can notice the hand gestures. Each pose of Buddha has a different spiritual meaning. They are commemorating a different important event from his life.

Buddha And His Life

Buddha, also known as “The Enlightened One,” was born into the Shakya clan. However, he started his life in Terai ( 563 and 483 BC), a small Nepalese kingdom. Buddha was a teacher and spiritual leader. Before that, he was a prince and a warrior.
Moreover, he founded the Buddhist religion. In early times his name was “Siddhartha.” At a young age, he abandoned everything behind and became a monk. Then he made a choice and took the path of “Middle Way.” However, He found out everything. These are only illusory and temporary. However, he discovered a method. It frees from all passions and illusions. He earned the title of Buddha. It came from the Sanskrit root BUDH, and a word means to awaken.

Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue Buyer’s Guide

 Different Poses Of Buddha Statue 

There are over one hundred Asana. Every one of them is illustrating his life. And each pose has a different Mudra. At many Buddhist temples all over the world, The venerated relics representing Buddha was found. Let’s get to them.
 Protection Buddha Statue
 Identification – Shakyamuni Buddha. He is using “Protection” or Abhaya Mudra.
 Representation – the protection against fear, deception, and rage.
 Amitabha Buddha Statue: 
 Identification – “Meditation” or Dhyana Mudra with Alms Bowl.
 Representation – The unity with higher energy. Also, Serenity, calm, deep concentration.
 Shakyamuni Buddha Statue: 
 Identification – “Earth Touching” or Bhumisparsha Mudra 
 Representation – Moment of enlightenment in Buddha’s life (unshaken strength and the truth of
his commitment to liberation).
 Medicine Buddha statues – “Gift Giving” Varada Mudra, Medicine Bowl.
 Representation – Healing of physical and spiritual sickness.
 Contemplation Buddha
 Representation – Determination and understanding.
 Nirvana Buddha statues
 Representation – Achievement through liberation from the cycle of life and death

Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue Buyer’s Guide

The Laughing Buddha Statue Or Dubai 

Moreover, in Chinese Buddhism, there exists a “Fat Buddha” or “Laughing Buddha.” However, he is also known as “Budai”. Indeed, Budai is extremely popular not only in China, moreover the world.However He is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. However, according to history in the 10th century,
he was a monk. 

Keep in mind some rules. Firstly never place the Buddha statues in the bedroom or kitchen or bathroom. However ,Make sure the Buddha statues sits at least 2.5 feet above the ground. And if possible,try to place the figure in a way that it faces the front door. However Perfect Buddha statues will depend on what answers you need to know. Every figure has the answer to different questions. However Please make a wise choice while choosing the Buddha statues.

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