Breathing Technique for Meditation – You should Know!

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Since breathing is something we can control and regulate; it is a useful tool for achieving a relaxed and clear mood. It is recommended that you do four exercises and breathing techniques to help you relax and relieve stress.  Try each of these exercises and breathing techniques to see how they affect your stress and anxiety—

Ordinary Yoga Breathing Technique

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If you practice yoga regularly, you probably already know this technique. Because it is most commonly used in different types of yoga, it is usually used to calm the breath, so you can use fresh oxygen.  To perform this breathing technique, follow these steps: When you pause, breathe slowly and deeply. Let the air flow out slowly. Rest breathing in the abdomen.

 Abdominal breathing 

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It is one of the simplest breathing techniques, so it is usually recommended for beginners to start meditation. However, it is effective for everyone and can be used during meditation and outside of meditation because it is a powerful way to relieve stress at any point in time and within a few minutes.  It is perfect for you in any situation. Remember, please press the following steps: put your hands on your chest Place the other hand on the belly. Inhale deeply through your nose. When you inflate the diaphragm with air, you feel your hands move on your belly. Breathe slowly. 

Alternate Breathing Through Nostrils

Yes, this is how it sounds. This technique can revitalize the mind, body, and soul. The steps are as follows: Insert the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand. Inhale deeply through the left nostril. Remove the thumb from the right nostril, and then close the left nostril with your ring finger. 

Breathe slowly – Repeat the number four 

It is a  common meditation breathing technique. It is simple,  count to four, and then count from four, which is synchronized with your breathing. According to your preference, but as you will see in this article, there are four in common. 

The steps are as follows: inhale-count one-count twice inhale-count three Exhale-count backward-count three breaths-count twice inhales-count one breath-count twice to repeat the conclusion. You may have learned this in a yoga class. To get the most benefit, you can use a variety of breathing techniques, especially when meditating.


 However, not all breathing practice is equal. You have learned this in your yoga classes. You need to teach yourself how to breathe properly to maximize the benefits, and there are several breathing techniques you can use, in particular, when meditating. Stay tuned with us to know more and let yoga heal your soul and body in its maximum way, without any inappropriate results. Let the positive energy heal your body and thus always follow the right technique of breathing during the meditation period.

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