Best Mindfulness Meditation: A Curtain Raiser To Deal With Buzz

best mindfulness meditation

Do you want to know about how to practice the best mindfulness meditation, and acknowledge the steps on how can start it on your own? Your mind easily gets caught by plentiful negative thoughts regarding your past or what will happen in the future. 

So by learning mindfulness, you can quickly learn and help yourself to deal with these things. If it’s about plunging deep into mindfulness meditation, let us understand what it is.

Mindfulness refers to a mental state that incorporates only the present. Mindful meditation is more of a focus on current situations, as you can acknowledge them with a greater heart. Accept what you are, acknowledge your feelings, thoughts, sensations, without any judgment.

Furthermore, mindfulness mediation is all about the practice of mental training. It makes you learn about slowing your rushing thoughts, escaping negativity, and calm your body beautifully.

Also, these techniques of mindfulness can change. And mindfulness meditation usually includes awareness of your body and mind. It thus involves healthy breathing practice. 

To practice mindfulness meditation, you don’t need any preparation or any sort of prop. There is no requirement of mantras, essential oils, or candles unless you want them. For starting this beautiful session of calmness, you should have a comfortable place for sitting, a judgment-free mind, and 3 to 5 minutes of free time for yourself.

Start It!

First, to learn the best mindfulness meditation, understand it is a straightforward and natural practice. If you are practicing this meditation for specific health reasons, then here are a few points with which you can start it on your own. 

Set Time

Best Mindfulness Meditation: A Curtain Raiser To Deal With Buzz
Best Mindfulness Meditation: A Curtain Raiser To Deal With Buzz

To practice the best mindfulness meditation, it is your choice to set a specific time. You can fix the time before you go to sleep. And put an alarm of 30 minutes before your munchkins wake up. So, best of luck for a better tomorrow.

Get Comfortable

Try to find a comfortable and quiet place for your meditation time. You can sit on the floor or a chair with your back, neck, and head straight, but not keeping your body stiff. Also, wear loose and comfy clothes so that nothing distracts you while meditating.


Set a timer for how long you want to meditate. Make sure you do not meditate for a long time. Give yourself a little time right after meditation, and gradually, get up.

Breathing Focus

Best Mindfulness Meditation
Best Mindfulness Meditation: A Curtain Raiser To Deal With Buzz

Be aware of the air sensation moving in & out of your body while breathing. You must feel like your belly is rising and falling, and the air is entering your nose, and then, leaving your mouth. Focus on every change of breath as it is different.

When thoughts come across your mind, no need to suppress or ignore them. You should remain calm, note them, and make your breathing as your host.

A Break Indeed!

If you feel that you are too much carried away in your thinking process and thoughts such as hope, anxiety, fear, or worry, observe where your mind went. Also, without any judgment about your feelings, make a come back to your breathing. And again, focus on the best mindfulness meditation practice.

So, try to notice what is going around your environment, through the best mindfulness meditation. Therefore, practice such an easy and simple meditation technique that may not sooner but lately give fruitful results.

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