Benefits Of Meditation


In simpler terms, meditation can be defined as the techniques that are intentions are to facilitate and enable a heightened position of awareness an also focused and uninterrupted attention and concentration. For this process to be a success one has to be comfortable in the environment he is at and then start focusing on one thought. It is not a religious thing but it is in practice by a great number of people in the world.

Benefits Of Meditation

Main Classifications Of Meditation

It is occurs into two forms, that is concentrative and mindfulness meditation. Concentrative meditation is whereby one focuses on all the attention on a specific thing than ignoring everything around them. While on the other hand the mindfulness meditations involves that state of one being aware of present moment and being open and accepting. Mindfulness meditations, one can apply it to target different issues such as mindfulness-based stress reduction and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy.


In the recent past, researchers have proven that meditation can have both psychological effects and physiological effects. The effects of this process can have both positive impacts and negative impacts. Some of the positive physiological effects can include respiratory and respiration rates, reduced heartbeat rates. On the positive side, through meditation has can become a calmer person as one becomes a mental serenity in everything and a task one engages in as one is able to get new and different experiences each day and never think about the future or the past experiences.

Benefits Of Meditation

Stress Reduction

Life is full of stress and it can be influenced by day to day activities. Meditation, in this case, tries to eliminate the stress that affects and alter the normal working of the nervous system. Meditation through researchers has shown that human beings work perform better when feeling less stressed. Meditation process reduces the creation of hormones that lead to stress like cortisol. When the body is more relaxed and less stressed, more beneficial hormones like the serotonin are produced.

Anxiety Reduction

Through mind relaxation, people become less anxious in life. Anxiety is that fear and worries people experience about something going to happen.  From meditation, the more we meditate the less we are anxious. This is so because we are able to meditate on the more productive issues and thoughts in life paying less attention to non-productive issues. The anxiety of the fears is eliminated since body is made not to pay much attention to it.

Increases Creativity

Beings are made more creative and more compassion. Creativity simply implies to be able to come up with a new invention. It can also be in use to refer to the way of solving a certain problem in a new method and changing one’s perspective ignoring doubts and fears. This helps one in making good decisions as one may view the problem is challenge being faced in a new perspective hence being creative. Scientific research has shown that those who practice more meditations have higher empathy and compassion levels compared to those who don’t. This is so because they are able to view life in another perspective as compared to people who don’t. Lastly meditation is more linked to improved memory recall and incorporates new facts.

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