Benefits Of Doing Candle Meditation

candle meditation benefits

Everyone should start to look for the candle meditation benefits. It helps you to focus on your mental health and ensure that you can take the right steps to improve your concentration and focus. There are plenty of candle meditation benefits that you can expect.

Everyone should consider all the information regarding the candle meditation and ensure that they can move in the right direction to ensure that it can help them with inner calm and peace.

What Is Candle Meditation?

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Candle meditation originates from Hatha Yoga, known as Trataka & serves as one of the six techniques used for purification. Trataka is a Sanskrit word whose translation is “to gaze” & explains the basis of candle meditation.

A Hatha Yoga handbook describes it as focusing your sight on a small point until your eyes shed tears. Therefore the meditation works by concentrating on a single point of focus: a tiny dot, a mountain, a rising sun or moon, an object of worship, or a flame-like that from a candle. The last option has been found to work best & it offers a lot of flexibility & convenience.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Candle Meditation?

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Here are some of the candle meditation benefits, which will surely help you get a convenient mental health outcome.

The Candle Meditation Benefits Clean Up Your Etheric Body

It is not for nothing that this kind of meditation makes up one of the cleansing elements in Hatha Yoga. It provides cleansing for the eyes.

The tears shed from the fixed gaze help remove any dirt or objects present in the eyes. Regular practice leads to further purification & even management of some eye conditions.


The light & warmth coming from the candle flame make it easier for you to keep your attention on its tip for longer than you would have done in the absence of such a focal point.

As a result, your concentration is higher & continuous practice develops your ability to stay focused on one area or item. Such ability helps you have more meaningful & useful meditation and carries on to other life areas.

Achieve A More Profound Sense Of Inner Peace

Another candle meditation benefits are how it enables you to calm your thoughts & emotions & derive & a deeper meaning of inner peace from the deep focus.

Naturally, candles have a calming & soothing effect, which explains their use in massage parlors, dining areas & even in sacred places.

Revitalizes The Body

For candle meditation benefits, the relaxation allows your body to rest & eases the tension mentally & across all the muscles. This rest provides the body & opportunity to rejuvenate itself, & when you come out of the meditation, you are refreshed. While the rejuvenation effect is common to all kinds of meditation techniques, candle meditation goes one step further.


These are some of the candle meditation benefits that you can expect when you try it out. You mustn’t waste time and focus on ensuring that it can give you a great outcome whenever you focus on the candle meditation benefits. Ensure that you spend some time learning about some simple things that will help you focus.

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