Banish woes and worries with 5 minutes meditation

Banish Woes & Worries With 5 Minutes Meditation

Meditation is the skill of training one’s own mind. It is just like going to the gym to training the body. Meditation is known to differ from one culture to the next. In simple terms, it comprises of many different forms, whereby each requires different psychological skills. It has stages of growth just as going to the gym where the trainee goes through shorter courses of training the body and grows into longer hours as time goes by. But, you can actually relax your mind, body, and soul with 5 minutes meditation.

One of the ways through which one can gain calmness is through meditation. Through mindfulness breathing, one is able to achieve mindfulness where one focuses on their breathing in and out. This reduces the stress and anxieties in one’s life by enabling one relax though the practice.

Forms Of Meditation

Banish Woes & Worries With 5 Minutes Meditation
Banish Woes & Worries With 5 Minutes Meditation

The most used form of meditation is concentration meditation. It involves one concentrating on a single specific point, which could be a ringing gong, breathing, repetition of a mantra or even staring at candlelight. Doing these things puts the mind into a relaxed state for it stops focusing on any other point but whatever the person directs it to focus on.

How To Do 5 Minutes Meditation                 

When the meditator wants to use breathing as the meditation ground, here is a procedure on how to do so.

Find a quiet and comfortable position- for one to be able to meditate well, the body should be comfortable. Sit upright on a cushion, a chair or on a mat. Keep your back straight and your hands in a relaxed position.

Notice your body and relax it- allow yourself to notice the environment around your body. Listen to the calmness that comes with the silence.  Pay attention to how your body is feeling in the position that you are seated.  Feel the weight of your body.

Breathing In 5 Minutes Meditation

Breathing- just breathe consciously taking note of how you are inhaling and exhaling. Do not prolong your breathing or shorten it. Just breathe normally. Think of how your body reacts when you inhale and exhale. Listen to the vibrations of your breathing. Think about how you are breathing.

The mind will always wander away during meditation. As you focus your thoughts on your breathing, you may come to realize that your mind starts to think of other things. This is not a bad thing. Try and realize that your mind wandered off and work on bringing it back to concentrate on your breathing.

Continue with the breathing for about 5-8 minutes. The mind will continue to wander as you do this. Redirect it as you continue breathing.

Allow yourself to think of how your body now feels. You will notice that the body is now relaxed and filled with positive energy ready to face a new day and life’s challenges.

Open Your Eyes

Banish Woes & Worries With 5 Minutes Meditation
Banish Woes & Worries With 5 Minutes Meditation

In the case where one is chanting a mantra, one should do all the above except for the part of concentrating on the breathing. Here, one syncs their thoughts with the mantra and creates a rhythm of repeating the mantra. Then let your thoughts think of the mantra alone and not focus on the breathing. The mantra will find its own pace to go in your mind. Combine the two again. Do this for about 10 minutes. Combining your breathing and the mantra opens one to realize levels of mindfulness they never knew existed.

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