Meditation 30 Days Challenge

Introduction Meditation has been there for the longest time possible, and it will continue existing due to the benefits that people derive from it. One of the reasons as to why people meditate is so that they can get rid of the

Purpose & Benefits Of Sleep Meditation

Sleep meditation is as important as food and water are in the human body. It is an important component of a healthy lifestyle for it re-energizes us and prepares us for a new day. Therefore after a tiresome day, everyone should look

Meditation For High Blood Pressure

Stress has been associated with so many diseases. Meditation aims at relaxing the mind as well as reducing stress. Reduction of stress translates to so many health benefits. An exercise such as breathing and walking does not harm people

Meditation For Cats

Meditation for Cats involves these domesticated carnivorous cat pets. Cats have more nerve cells than humans. Therefore meditation for cats is at a different level from that of human beings. They have a special way in which they love to

Meditation Instruments

Types of Meditation Instruments Various types of meditation instruments are used to produce music which is the vocal sounds or sound of meditation instruments that are combined to bring harmony and express emotions. This harmony of

Meditation Coach

Introduction A coach can be described as a trainer. Some people find it hard to meditate on there and so they opt to get a coach to guide them through their meditation sessions. This is especially good for meditation beginners, people