An Ultimate Guide To Ucla Breathing Meditation – Know About Essential Techniques And Benefits

ucla breathing meditation

In this digital world, everyone, from children to elders, has a massive addiction to phones. Meditation can indeed help you in reducing your dependence on its extraordinary power. While meditating, you have to focus on a particular thing, which results in calm and positive feelings. You may have seen people around you struggling to make their body fit, but making your mind Fit by doing meditation is more important. Many people who meditate with a significant focus often cry during meditation because of a delightful, relaxing, and calm feeling. There are many unique ways to do meditation, but the only purpose is to achieve an inwardly focused, relaxed, and actual state. To practice the 5 minutes UCLA breathing meditation, you can download a UCLA mindful app on your phone. Attend the excellent 6-week online classes.

There are several different meditation types like focused meditation, mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, mindfulness meditation, etc. Each kind of meditation has its unique benefits. You might feel unexpected things during meditation like sadness, anxiety, or anger. You might start crying without any reason. Sometimes the change is physical, and you might feel your heartbeat quickening, chest tightening, or any beginner meditation tears of happiness. Read more to know about many more UCLA breathing meditation techniques.

UCLA Breathing Meditation Techniques Which Will Help You In A Long Run

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UCLA breathing meditation techniques can reduce your stress, and less stress results in less pressure, which helps you live a peaceful and happy life. The master elements of this UCLA breathing meditation is time, patience, and training. Know how to practice UCLA breathing meditation.

Start by maintaining a focus while taking a deep, long breath in and out. Such type of rhythmic breathing is essential as it promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety. Before doing breathing meditation, ensure that you have a comfortable seat.

Begin the breathing meditation by sitting comfortably and focus on how to empty the air present in your lungs. For 4 seconds, breath in using your nose and then hold the breath for about 7 seconds. Make a ‘whoosh’ sound and pursue your lips to exhale forcefully. Repeat this activity for four times.

If you want to observe the benefits sooner, then do this activity twice a day. Also, if you cannot hold your breath for a long time, you should start by holding it for 2 seconds and then going ahead. The person can become more effective after using this technique for more extended and frequent use.

UCLA breathing meditation technique can provide you with many benefits such as better stress management, reduced anxiety, decreased fatigue, reduced hypertension, improved migraine symptoms, reduced asthma symptoms in adolescents and children, and reduced aggressive behavior, especially in males.


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All these UCLA breathing meditation techniques will indeed help you a lot. To achieve the benefits, you should practice it regularly.

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