Meditation Practice For Fear

A Meditation Practice For Working With Fear

Fear is primal and an inherent character in us. Our aversion with fear gets aggravated due to the identification of worries. Either fear paralyzes you, leaving an impact, or directs you. Every emotion involved rests on fears and anxiety. So, working with fear through meditation practice gives you control of things in life.

Meditation Practice- A Form Of Help

Meditation Practice is a must for both physical and mental health. Every new day sees a new genre of life. Likewise, every modern-day, you focus on different parts of yourself. It is tricky, but eventually, you stay healthy

Firstly, relax your body and feet.

Then place your hands over your lower ribs

Following this, breathe in through your stomach and after a few seconds, breathe out.

After a few rounds, lean forward and breathe in

Finally, clasp your knee and open your eyes and imagine your fear and exhale. It gives you control over anxiety.

A Meditation Practice For Working With Fear
A Meditation Practice For Working With Fear

 Meditation Practice That Help You:

As your fear slowly rises, you start complaining all about within your head. You think about various things- your job, your family or your friends. By the end, you are all sweaty and panicked.Meditaion helps you gain momentum. But, let your fear dissipate, only then can it become a powerful motive. working with fears enhances mind. As fear is nothing but just an energy.

1. Name Of The Practice: Name Your Fear

You need to recognize the fear captivating you. It is an important task scheduled. On recognition, it helps you gain control over the fear.

All you need to do is just close your eyes. Then, feel your chest tighten, your heart pumping. Following this, your back stiffens. Finally, set the alarm in your head go off.

Now, slowly breathe-in and breathe-out. You can inhale about three to twenty breaths. While inhaling out, you need to slow down the pace and your body.

Along with this, place your hands on your chest. It helps you with the next step.

Following this, acknowledge to yourself. Keep telling, “I’m afraid. I’m scared.” Here, you name the fear. It allows you to maintain distance between the emotions and yourself.

A Meditation Practice For Working With Fear
A Meditation Practice For Working With Fear

Tips While Practicing:

You can also chant a few phrases durings your meditation practice. Do it regarding others and yourself. Meditation practices such as:

May I and others, see and feel the source of the fear.

I and others, be safe around and free ourselves from fear.

May I and others, be always happy and at ease.

2. Name Of  Meditation Practice:

Inclination Towards Fear: Each time you experience the aura of fear nearing you, do not slack behind. Instead, sit with it. As your thoughts of fear and dread engulf you, approach it wisely. Be friendly towards the aura. Meditation practices allow you to control your aura. do not treat your fear as a threat. Be polite and treat yourself with kindness. Then allow the fear to conquer you. All you need to do is hold your ground. This conquer will enable you to build confidence within.

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