Practice Mindfulness Meditation If You Want To Stay Fit

Burning Incense Needs Special Precautions?

How does mindfulness meditation work? As a physical exercise routine, as most Westerners practice it, hatha yoga and vinyasa classes are both great ways to build muscle tone and long, lean muscles. It will increase your core, your stability, your balance.

There is so much more to Yoga that many Westerners miss. Pranayama can change your mood, and learning to control the breath can help improve your life. Seriously. Next Time you feel anxious, sit, and close your eyes. Inhale and think 10, exhale 9, inhale 9, exhale 8. Count down to 0. Then realize how you feel. It is amazing.

Reading the sacred texts, especially the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, it was life-altering for me. Meditating daily (ok, close to daily) has changed my life immeasurably. The great thing about the Sutras is that you can practice any religion and read the Sutras. The Sutras request you to have a relationship with God – whoever your God may be – to make your way through Yoga. The Sutras are a blueprint for living a yoga life.

For what its worth, I’m a chronic pain patient with multiple back surgeries and blown discs. The deeper I go into my yoga practice – not just the physical, although that’s so important for me – the better I can manage my pain. It works.

So it is simple, but not. Yoga works for so many things, how do you want it to work for you?

Practice Mindfulness Meditation If You Want To Stay Fit
Practice Mindfulness Meditation If You Want To Stay Fit

Best Time For Pranayama Yoga

“Sandhya-kaala” time is best for practicing Yoga as for as Time is concerned.

There are 4 “Sandhya” in a day – Sunrise (20 minutes before and after), Sunset (20 minutes before and after), Midday /Noon (20 minutes before and after), and Midnight (20 minutes before and after). There is an almost 6-hour equal interval between each “sandhya-koala.”

Why “Sandhya-kaala”?

Usually, we breathe through one nostril for about 40–45 minutes, and then the breathing shits to the other nose – this is a normal cycle when the shifting happens for about 2–3 minutes we breathe through both the nostrils.

Whenever we are naturally breathing through both the nostrils, meaning both the “idea” (left) and “Pingala” (right), “and” (subtle energy channel) get energized, and the subtle body is in balance. 

Only during “sandhya” time, the switching of breathing between nostrils from left to right and right to left happens frequently – almost every 5 -10 minutes (provided we are in the upright position) and our bodies are in balance throughout the 45 minutes at subtle body level. Thus our physical body is also in balance automatically in sandhya, and this Time is ideally suitable to Yoga.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation If You Want To Stay Fit
Practice Mindfulness Meditation If You Want To Stay Fit

Points To Keep In Mind

Now which “Sandhya” among the four “Sandhya-kaala”?

There are general physical /physiological conditions for doing Yoga and those are:-

· We should not be tired, and we should have had proper rest

· Our minds should be fresh

· We should not have eaten anything for 3–4 hours before starting Yoga.

· Should not be in the middle of sleeping.

All these conditions are satisfied only in the morning “Sandhya-kaala” and therefore is the most appropriate for doing Yoga.

The “sandhya” times are also ideal for Prayer, Worship, and Meditation.

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