6 Unknown Benefits Of Oregano Oil – 4 Is Quite Surprising But Totally Works

A green plant

Oregano is a plant that belongs to the Flowers kingdom and subsidiary to the family of Mint and Herbs with a scientific name as “Origanum Vulgare”. It has purple flowers and leaves which grows in opposite direction within each other. The plant has antibacterial and antioxidants properties. Thus, Oregano oil is used for various purposes. For instance for Skincare, Skin infections, For medicinal consumption, For physiotherapy, toothaches, as a remedy for insect and spider bites etc. But, it is used in a specific manner as such oils are concentrated compounds and thus not meant to be used directly. Oregano oil contains compounds like carvacrol and thymol and a type of antioxidant called Phenol. It could be harmful if not used correctly. Here, this article wraps up all aspects and how oregano oil benefits you and how you can use it.

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